With a Google Chromecast, you can kick life on a TV or an old amplifier, which otherwise had the prospect of being put on the shelf or scrap. The TV must have HDMI input to use Chromecast.

Chromecast is available in a video version and an audio version is required. Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

The setup is incredibly simple and is done in minutes and then you can stream video or audio directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Many apps support Chromecast directly from the app, such as Netflix, HBO, TV2 Play, Youtube, etc. On a computer, you can also use Chrome to cast either the tab you have open in your browser – or the entire desktop, and thus everything on the computer.

Connection and setup

On a TV, the Chromecast is inserted into an HDMI input. And in addition, it must have power – either via the supplied power supply or from a USB output on the TV. Also note that there is a Chromecast (HD) and a Chromecast Ultra (4K). In the meantime, you can get the HD edition for almost 300, and the 4K edition for just over $ 600.

Once placed in the TV, make the setup by installing the Google Home app to your phone and configuring your Chromecast. Shortly after, you are ready to stream / caste content for your screen.

It takes place in the same way with Chromecast Audio, but instead of HDMI jack, there is a connection with the mini-stick.

Upgrade your Tv or your amplifier / receiver with Chromecast

So you can get new life to your old electronics with a Chromecast – you’ll get all the streaming options and need not buy for thousands of dollars of new electronics to get streamed audio and video.

If your old amplifier or receiver has broken, of course you have to buy something else. But if you want to save some money and get a top quality streaming solution, you can buy a used amplifier or receiver at, for example. Blue City. Here you get, for example. a Sony or Denon Amplifier / Receiver for around $ 1,000 .- and with a Chromecast Audio for around $ 300 .- you’ll get a great facility for a little money. On the Blue Newspaper you can surely make it even cheaper, but the advantage of Blue City is that you have the right to advertising what you buy and that may be an advantage on electronics.

In addition to getting a lot of money, it’s also good for the environment that we get used to worn electronics instead of just buying new things all the time.