A question that most people have considered over the past 10 years. For many, the choice has been obvious – if you already used Apple products, the choice is usually dropped on iPhone and thus iOS. And in addition, the iPhone has been hyped so much that many people probably believed that if you had a smartphone, you should ask for an iPhone. By now, most people have become aware that the smartphone is not one brand, but just a term for phones that is in fact a computer.

Android is in the lead

Worldwide, the distribution is such that about 85% of all sold smartphones use Android as the operating system. And only about 12% use iOS. But geographically there are significant differences in the distribution between the two operating systems.

What is best?

Samsung and Apple have long struggled who could make the best smartphone. But they are now gaining strong competition from among others. Huawei, who joined the P20 in the league with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. But Oneplus also makes top phones that compete directly with the expensive top models – and at about half of what Apple and Samsung are taking for their top models.

My personal experience

I’m not locked into one operating system – I’ve had both iOS and Android. Like I also work on both Windows computers and Apple computers. So, therefore, I might be a little more objective than those who have used only one or the other. This also means that I can readily criticize Apple’s products even though it can be a dangerous way to go 🙂 It is often interpreted that I am against Apple. That’s not the case and I’ve always switched between the different systems, but nobody’s perfect – neither Apple.

I’ve had the most Android phones, but right now I have iPhone. In parenthesis, I have also had Windows Phone and really annoy me that it was not a system that was widely distributed – it was quite well made!

The remarkable thing about my last shift from Android (Oneplus 5T) to iOS (iPhone X) was that there is always minimal difference if you choose one or the other. Both quality and not least in relation to the user interface. One can simply not say in fact that one phone is significantly better than the other (when we speak top models that I always adhere to). Of course, on some parameters there are differences, but there are both ways – so overall you get a great phone today if you choose Oneplus, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, iPhone, Motorola, Sony, etc. And then you can look at why iPhone and Samsung must be so expensive compared to the others – but I’ll let it go 🙂