If you have an old computer – both portable and desktop – then you can give it a huge boost in speed by switching the hard drive to an SSD hard drive. It may sound a bit boring to spend money on a hard drive, but there is a lot of speed to gain here. Additionally, the replacement itself is usually simple. The biggest task is to move the current installation of the operating system and programs to the new hard drive – but there are programs that can handle this. You can of course also choose to install completely new operating system on the computer and thus start over again.

An SSD hard drive has a speed that far exceeds the traditional hard drive, as it does not have mechanical parts to move around – it works more like a large memory card. And it also means that it’s completely silent and usually uses significantly less power than a traditional hard drive – and thus you also get a gain compared to battery life if it’s a laptop computer replacement.

And as if that were not enough – prices for high quality SSD drives is getting lower. Prices as always with the price of electronics will continue to decline and more and more capacity for money will be gained.

Of course, you should consider whether the computer you want to upgrade has been so cheap that buying a new, cheap computer might be smarter. But no doubt that it is recommended to make this upgrade if you have an older computer that you are happy with, but you want more speed on.