One of the greatest successes in computer history is unstoppable. Although it is many years since the last Commodore 64 computers were produced (1994), games are still being released to the popular computer. And with a huge catalog of releases, there is still a lot of entertainment to be found in the aging computer. Graphics and sound, of course, can not hamper today’s computers – but there are lots of charm and fun gameplay in the old games and especially the latest releases optimally utilized the computer.

Still selling good

On ebay there are a lot of Commodore 64’s but you are lucky to win the auction. There are also plenty of accessories to be found – and when you think about it, it’s really quite well done that computers that are now 25 or older still work properly and have a market.

Today, you can actually buy a new Commodore 64 in the form of the Commodore 64 mini – but there’s no real keyboard. It has 64 built-in games, but in addition, with a USB stick, you can play many games besides these. You can even write programs in Basic on it – so far off the road it’s a Commodore 64, without being a real Commodore 64!

Lots of games

No one probably knows how many games there exactly was released to Commodore 64, but surely over 10,000. Of course, there are a lot of those who are probably not worth spending time with. But lots of releases are still fun to play – classics like Monty on the Run, Rambo, Thing on a Spring, Delta, Uridium, Ghost’n’Goblins, Great Giana Sisters, etc., etc., are no less fun today 🙂