Do you remember in the 80’s where there was a lot of computerprograms for Commodore 64, Vic 20, Amstrad, ZX Spectrum etc. that was distributed through listings in computer magazines?

Sometimes it was many hundreds of code-lines that you had to type into your computer – and then, when you finally finished typing, start the program and hope that there was no errors. It was a big thrill when it worked ! It sometimes didn’t matter if it was a good piece of software or not – the big thing was to get it to work. I once had a German computer magazine with a listing of a game with Snoopy – it was huge and all machine-code. I think there where more than a thousand, maybe two thousand, lines with a lot of numbers that should be typed in – a project that lasted for days. But in the end when it finally worked it felt like a fantastic achievement 🙂

Its funny that many of these magazines still exists and therefore you can buy a 30 year old computer and a magazine with the same age and start typing – and then these pieces of software actually survived because they where printed on paper.