The used electronics market is huge – besides that you can of course buy privately used, there is also a wide selection of webshops (and some physical stores) where you can buy used electronics.

Often you will not be able to discern whether it’s used or new electronics you’ve bought – only on the price tag. If you want to get it really cheap, you can compromise on how perfect (with / without scratches) your purchase must be. There will often be different categories: From perfect standing to significant cosmetic damage.

Used or refurbished?

There are two concepts you will encounter – and the difference is that refurbished means that the electronics have been composed of different parts from second-hand devices. You can buy a refurbished iPad that is made up of parts from several defective iPads that will then become one iPad. The advantage is that these are the best used parts that are being put together and refurbished will often appear as a new device – but of course is not.

Save money – and save the environment

One thing is that you save money – and of course it’s nice. But in addition, it’s also a good idea to reuse electronics as it will save the environment and save on the resources of the earth if we use electronics for a long time instead of replacing with new items all the time.

The danish used electronics shop Refurb is selling a lot of used electronics and they tell in a flyer, you will get if you trade with them, that producing one computer with one monitor uses 21 kg of chemicals and 1.5 tons of water. So it matters and you can help to protect the environment if you buy used instead of new.